We are fully capable of supplying the right goods, services and solutions, at the right time and at the lowest cost. We have the experience, the tools, and the know-how to make it work. By providing integrated, reliable, and cost-efficient solutions, we help ensure the success of projects.

We deals from highly sophisticated proprietary equipment to Chemicals and anything in between.


An overview of the equipment packages we can supply through our principals are:
- Industrial Water tube boilers.
- Heat Recovery Steam Generators and Waste Heat Boilers.
- Marine and Marine Propulsion Boilers.
- Large Cooling towers (FRP, Concrete or Wood construction).
- Fin Fan Air Condensers.
- Air Filters.
- Fired Heaters and Furnaces.
- Refractory.
- Industrial Catalysts.
- Lubricants.
- Burners.
- Flares and Flare gas recovery systems.
- Packing and Trays for Strippers, Packed towers and Mist eliminators.
- Gas Turbines.
- Modularised heat recovery integrated modules for fixed offshore platforms and FPSO (Floating and Production Storage and Offloading) & FLNG (Floating Liquefied Natural Gas) vessels.
- Control Valves.
- Pumps.
- Compressors.
- Drilling specialty fluids.
- Fuel additives.


We are representing the world renowned international manufacturers and stockiest for the supply of Piping items including pipes, valves, fitting, flanges and special components like expansion bellows, hose connections and spring supports.


We provide turn-key chemical cleaning services and a full range of chemicals for total industrial and environmental solutions.

Our innovative solutions reduce production outage losses, improve efficiency of equipment by chemical & mechanical means and minimises equipment downtime.

Services include:

Ion Exchange Resins & Reverse Osmosis systems – We provide all sort of water treatment Ion exchange resins & RO membranes, troubleshooting and throughput enhancement solutions.
Industrial chemical cleaning – including boilers and HRSG’s, heat exchangers (old & new), process tanks and vessels, piping systems and Sea water Heat Exchangers.
Cooling Water & Boiler Water treatment – supply of chemicals including corrosion inhibitors, biocides, pH control for closed loop cooling systems, boiler water treatment, Deaeration/ / Boiler Feed water systems chemicals and oxidising agents.
Chemicals trading – Supply of chemicals & storage options including bulk liquid storage.
Pre - Commissioning cleaning – boilers (passivation & degreasing), heaters, amine systems, pipelines, tanks. Wet layup sign off for new installations such as boilers and HRSG’s. Combined with our other service lines we can provide a total pre-commissioning turn-key solution for your new plant and equipment.
Hot oil flushing – our units have a wide range of reservoir capacities, pump output pressure and delivery suitable for all pipeline dimensions and configurations, oil types and viscosity.

Benefits of Chemical Cleaning

• Increased production capacity.
• Removal of production bottlenecks.
• Reduced energy costs.
• Improvement in profitability.